Article published in portuguese at Revista Visualidades, 2010.


The action was inserted as a significant element in visual arts by action painting, expressed through the work of artists such as Jackson Pollock and also by the theoretical work of Harold Rosenberg. Through Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy of action, with its main focus on conceptual framework of action, a precise analysis of the comprehension of action allows us to make a specific study about the action itself in visual arts. Following this line of thought, there are three distinguished moments: action painting, as an insertion of action in the work of art; in happening, the action with the intention of being something that happens naturally; and the action itself as a work of art, in performance art.

Keywords: Action painting, happening, performance art

Link to download the portuguese version:

I have an version of this paper translated to english. But it wasn't published yet.


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Fernando Ribeiro

Fernando Ribeiro

Performance artist and curator. Lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. His work is based on exploring the action in a broad sense. He works as curator on p.ARTE and Bienal de Curitiba.