Distentio Anime | Cada Vez Mais Perto

Inspired by St Augustine's teory about time Fernando Ribeiro develop this long durational performance piece called Distentio Anime. He'll work in an older cinema theather from Curitiba: the Cine Condor. The artist begun this piece at the Vila Itororó – São Paulo in last may. In this piece he cross the days producing gypsum bricks to create a labyrinth in Condor Gallery space. The action and the artist presence try to connect past, present and future.

Performance Distentio Anime | Goethe na Vila


Rua Ébano Pereira 196 – Galeria Condor – Curitiba – Brazil

Dates and schedule

From June 9ht to July 7th, 2018.
Tuesday to friday: 2PM to 6 PM
Saturday: 10AM to 4PM




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Fernando Ribeiro

Fernando Ribeiro

Performance artist and curator. Lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. His work is based on exploring the action in a broad sense. He works as curator on p.ARTE and Bienal de Curitiba.